New location, new grow in Rhode Island

Multiple things going on, from Ethos I have a Sunburst male flowering in a 2x4. I have 2 Wrank, 2 Shawty, 2 Grape Balls of Fire that are in Veg. I have an Ethos Jack Herer mother waiting for a White Widow male to fill out. The Sunburst Male is going to be crossed with Garlic Budder from Humbolt Seed Company.

I just moved into a 3 bedroom apartment and the seed journey continues

Room/Tent Size: various tents :tent:
Light Type: LED.
Media/Substrate: coco/perilite 50//50
Nutrients: Remo
IPM: evolving, no SOP yet
Humidity (High/Low/Avg): 70/50/62
Temperature (High/Low/Avg): 78/70
pH/EC of Feeds: na
pH/EC of Runoff: na


Looks great! Nice setup!

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Nice! Makes mine look like a homeless camp


That is a clean setup :clap:

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That pollen is from the Sunburst freebie I popped on New Years Eve. I took the male down today. I need the 2x4 to run the Peach :peach: Crescendo Auto in that tent :tent:

That viney lateral freak plant is Garlic Budder and it’s the female for the Sunburst pollen. I’m having fun with tent growing.

Shawty #2 started July 4th

This is Wrank 1&2, Shawty 1&2 and Grape :grapes: Balls of Fire :comet: 1&2

All plants seem vigorous and healthy and the Veg smell on some of these plants is intense.

I am doing my normal training routine and focusing on getting the roots healthy before the get transplanted into a 3 gallon pot next week

Thanks. I just took a tissue culture class and that level of clean and attention to detail is wasaay beyond my skill and ability at this point. It did make me rethink my grow habits and commitment to cleaning and common sense preventative maintenance. That room is going to be great in the winter.

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If this breeding project actually makes viable seeds I’m going to call it Orangie

Sunshine- Sour Tangie x Apex F1 - father

Garlic Budder - GMO x Fortune Cookie :fortune_cookie:

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Garlic Budder went into flower on Monday 8/21/23

Man, there used to be a concentrate company out in Colorado that has a Sour Tangie hash rosin that was incredible. Hope you find some dank orange flavors in your experiment (and even better if they hash!)

I know what you mean, that intense orange :tangerine: flavor is the best. garlic :garlic: budder has the structure, potency, hashability, and colors. It is more of the Fortune Cookie mother. My hope is that Sunburst will bring more chem, gas and intense orange :tangerine:

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Freshly trimmed babies are almost ready to transfer into larger pots. There are 12 plants here:

2 Wrank
2 Grape Balls of Fire
2 Shawty
2 White Widow
1 Sugar Sap
1 Super OG
1 Jelly Donutz
1 White Widow Male