Zweet Grapes Auto - Multipass

Hey guys! Happy 420!

Here are some pictures of the Zweet Grapes Auto I harvested in Jan.

Very gasy, loud, once chopped a deep fragrance of grapes and bluberries. Shes completely caked in trichomes, a squarter for sure xD


Beautiful buds! Happy 420!!


I just brought down 2 Zweet Grapes Auto’s. Both looked like yours. Nice job :clap::clap: One of the phenos has such a unique berry dirty earthy ness. I really luv all the autos I’ve ran by Ethos


Thats fantastic to hear! This shows that the genetics are very stable :muscle: I use to only run Fastbuds autos but since I tried the autos from the multipass its been hard to go back to Fastbuds :rofl:

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@OrganicSynergy Those are some fantastic bud pics! Looking forward to more!

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Thanks so much brother, much appreciated :muscle:

Happy 420! Thanks so much :heart:

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