Your must have products

Title says it all what are some products that you can’t do without. A couple products that I love are Foxfarm happy frog soil, and I’ve really upped my game since I started using House & Garden Nutrients , i’ve been getting pretty good results off my fluence bio engineering Led got a 2i. Other then that I really like AC Infiniti products. And of coarse Ethos Seeds!


Can’t do without ? I’d say Athena and my flora flex system. Other then that my guardian from blue labs.oh and my humidifier lol

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Does anyone use trim machines to help with trimming. Would love to see some recommendations!

I have a trim bag that I use sometimes. Depends on the buds. I hand trim nice buds but lowers and plants that don’t turn out great get tumbled.

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Rosin press and bubble bags.

I like this question, so I’m going to try to keep it going.

I love my Flower Mill herb grinder. It really does work differently and better than other grinders.

One of my least favorite weed products was the Canna Brush, a brush that trims instead of scissors. didn’t work at all for me.

I use a trim bag and love it.

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