Xxxx (from multipass) in flower

I have a XXXX in its second week of flower, been pinching off fan leaves and plan of a big defol at end of week 3, was wondering if anyone had finished a run of it and if so, any tips etc?


I think you’re leading the pack here. Keep us updated please. I just put a Refresher into flower.

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I have three XXXX I’m gonna hit with its transition amendments tonight and flip next week. Like another just said u leading the pack… so what tips u got for us? :slight_smile:

Mines day 16F here, in Earthbox with Build A Flower, just added more ten min before these pics, was covered in healthy white roots, shes seems to like some defol, seems like a hungry gir, LST doesnt bother at all imo. Been hitting her with microbes, fish shit, humics, Langbeinite and some Roots Organic Bloom tea supplementally. Broke a stem at base 75% off of main stalk and made zero diff to her, just wrapped it tight with saran wrap. LOVE Ethos!! So easy to grow KILLER meds!!! Sorry cant really offer much

advice, im still new!!


Xxxx @day 28/29F, she was in path of cool air input 24/7 and is showing some colors, assume is combo of cooler nights/air and also P/K deficiency? Gave her heavy feeding and moved out of way of cool air input. Was hoping to hear from the growmies what it looks like to yous!


A lil soil nug on her lol seems weird they do that but have two diff other strains doing same thing rn :man_shrugging: assume its normal/good thing


Day 46F, starting to swell a lil seems happy and cant wait to smoke it!! Hoping my not doing enough defol doesnt bite me in the ass w/mold!!!
Some frosty Cheetah Piss in the background, keeping her company


Chopped, shes pretty dense but think ill be ok drying, but i have a crescendo x grape diamonds that was basically a 3x3x2.5’ bush that is almost one giant foxtailing nug lol worry she may be susceptible to mold while drying due to overall density, cant see light if shine flashlight from bottom to top, cant upload video here, wondering if hanging whole will cause probs?? @Colingordon any advice?