Wrank x 5, mandarin cookies v3 x 1

[Genetic] - [Day from seed/flip] - [Date] 107 days from seed, 36 days from flip

Room/Tent Size:5x5
Light Type: HID/LED/CMH/etc.week 1-4/5 400w, now 720w
Media/Substrate:pro mix
Nutrients:Gaia green veg/bloom, Gaia green worm castings, roots organic cal mag, recharge
Humidity (High/Low/Avg):just changed to 50
Temperature (High/Low/Avg):65-75
pH/EC of Feeds:

pH/EC of Runoff:
Notes: first run with 3 gal vs 5 gal. Roughly 20% more top dressing of nutrients to try to supplement for less growing medium.


Looking great!
Do you think you’ll stick with the 3g next round? It seems like the extra top dress is keeping them green. 107 days though, do you apply to dress every month or how often?
Thx for sharing.
Looking beautiful.

I will decide once I see what the yield is. Haven’t had any deficiencies this run,. I top dress every 4 weeks. I’ll be sure to post progress!

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