Whats wrong with the Seedlings? Grape Diamonda RbX5

Hi! I planted these 3 girls 15 Days ago. (Grape Diamonds RbX 5)

They all have some kinda weird looking leafes and one of them looks really bad.

I think the 2 wich are looking not that bad will make it but what is wrong with the other one?

They where all watered with plain water and sitting in 1,5l of BioBizz LighMix. They are standing under an Led Fixture with 6500k on around 20W with 30 to 35cm space between the Light and the Tops of the Plants

Any suggestions?

best regards


I would try to raise the light a bit, might want to consider an apogee par meter if you don’t have one. Wait a week and take before and after pics and compare the response. Could be a multitude of other factors but slowing the light will help in their recovery and should slow their decline.


I popped a couple of those too. Imo ethos fems veg a little slower than regs or even other fems.
Yours (2)look ok and pretty much on track, but the other? Yea I can see she aint happy. Could be simple as too much moisture. I’d begin by moving the sickly one to more air circulation and maybe loosen up the soil a bit and let it get kinda dry before next watering.
My 2 Grape Diamonds vegged similar, one is 38 days into bloom cycle… The other may’ve not done as well in veg, and I tossed it. Sometimes, its better concentrating on the good ones and not trying to nurse the sick/weak to try to be healthy.
Ive given up on trying to save sick plants. Too much wasted time, effort and money…even if I paid decent money for the cut/clone/beans…
Your healthy ones look good.

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I would check your soil long and hard for creepy crawlies