Strawberry og cookies auto

I fell in love with the strawberry cookies auto so much i acquired 3 more vials from the FB group and sadly down to my last 3 beans now.

Getting several 3 leaf phenos. But the taste of the flower is phenomenal. Picky wife will fight me if i give some away :smile:. Other than oreoz i think this might be her next fav strain too. And she hasnt liked any of the autos i grew.

Makes Beautiful hash rosin and with a 48hr low temp decarb stays cart stable for about 5 days. Usually not doable with autoflowers stalk&head : oil ration

The 3 leafers get mad and crispy easy. but in my opinion give the best flower


Jealous of that Trimminator lol…I can’t wait to cross one of those off my list…

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I saved up 3 times for it and kept canceling. Im SO glad i did. I wanted the twister batch one go more… but this went on sale and i got it (normally 1k higher than twister)
I love it. Cleaning sucks! So i only do full tent flips so i can harvest 4 or 5 at a time.


Is that a little bubble hash mixer ?


Yep. Bubble bag dude washer. But essentially any mini washer rv washer would work


Lots of videos on it on youtube if interested


I have this:

Replaced hose with 3tf of 1 in ID clear hose.


Thanks lll have a sus ,always looking for ways to master the best results


This was one of
My favorites as well last season.


Nicely done! I’ve got one of these going right now. After growing so many have you found any tricks or preferences to help them get so big? Mine doesn’t seem happy with me she seems to be a heavy feeder, have they been heavy feeders for you too?

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So rosin carts dont stay stable long?

If you don’t process them they will crash in a day. When you decarb for pens youre not decarbing like acticating for cooking. Just stable consistency.
Low temp high hours


They eat alot. Push the light as strong as your plant will let you in your environment. As soon as she gets mad turn the knob down and correct the issue.
I dont ph water so when these get mad they throw a temper tantrum quick. I don’t even wait for these to need calmag every other water they get 3-5 ml cali magic per gal


Do you have a temp/time that tends to work consistently? In a regular oven or vac oven?

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150F 48 hours

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I use 165ºF for 96 hours and does the trick for even the most stubborn rosins.

That said, I have noticed 2nd press inputs (originally pressed at 180-185ºF) seem to be ready for filling in 48-72 hours. But when going from first press and/or cured material, those extra days make a big difference.