Shipping to the uk

I’m trying to order the seeds to the UK and there’s no international shipping options what’s going on?

Yeah their still not doing international shipping,still waiting.

I’ve ordered a few packs from them now the was doing it

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Oh i thought they weren’t doing international deliveries.

Does look like they’re doing it any more mate, but I ordered a pack of grand stash and cherry Garcia about four months ago to uk Everything was just fine But now they’re only shipping within the US. I’ll just have to buy some CSI Humboldt gear and being Part of a multi pass, but we can’t actually buy any of his seeds because no one even sells them in the UK

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Yes we stopped international orders from the store. We can’t take internal payment through it right now and we can’t guarantee delivery so it seemed like the only thing to do. But I hate that it leaves international Multipass members out int he cold.

If you have bitcoin or even PayPal email multipass@ and they can help you place an order. OR there are several verified vendors that will ship to the UK on the Ethos website.


Thanks for the help Riley :+1::green_heart:


Thanx Riley great info . I do use PayPal for my International transactions . Having the store open for purchase would be great ive already received multiple orders before they closed it .
Nice to see pple here …