Seeds aren't popping? Dying after they do?

Share any questions you have about propagating seeds…Colin will weigh in!


I’d love to I hear Colin’s thoughts on this. In recent years I’ve gotten away from paper and moved very successfully to a 3 day float and plant in clean coco.

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@Tater Any reason you moved away from paper? I’ve been using that successfully for a while and curious about the swap.

I’ve noticed what I think is The roots try to follow gravity down, they grow into the paper and can damage the fine hairs on them.

If you only grow photos you might be able to grow out of it, but with autos you don’t have the luxury of time for that. I changed to try to get the same or better results without the risk of damaging the tap root on the paper.

My $0.02


Try starting your seeds in a peat based medium, coco has given me problems witg seeds.


I used a shot glass with Ph’d water and a few ml of H2O2, place it in the dark with a heat mat.


3 day float, pH water, sprinkle of Recharge to get the tap root coated, and a dark cabinet hasn’t let me down yet.


Instead of paper i use cotton ball and then plant the entire cotton ball with seed popped on it


I put them in a cup of clean water and poke them down a few hours later till they sink, within 24 hr of being in the water I plant them in promix(once the taproot emerges). With the taproot down. Never had a problem.


I just put them in the dirt and they grow if they dont i put another one in. Simple thanks multipass!


I do it like this also. I have sometimes problems with seed popping out of the soil once planted.
Any ideas what might cause this, other than over watering?
Over watering I think is the problem, they drown.
But weird I just planted 8 seeds with healthy tap root and 6 popped up very nicely when 2 did not grew to surface at all.
Just planted 2 High Note R1’s from the last multipass drop. Hope they’ll grow good.

The seed normally pops out and does fine, however, some times I carefully remove the seed shell.

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Yeah I’ve grown 10years now and this is something that still happens sometimes. Mostly older seeds.
Sometimes you can see that the seed that it’s so thick that it’s good to carefully crack the shell before even germinating.
I have sometimes problems with some seeds that have germinated in the water and has a good tap root growing. Then I plant it and sometimes, nothing.
I think that this might have something to do with over watering. They drown.
Planting deep enough makes it easier to the plant to leave that shell in the soil. Sometimes they pop with the shell on top of the growing tip and then it needs to be removed carefully like you said.
Also being too cold makes it harder for the seeds to pop.
I’m gonna by a heatmat for clones and seedlings. Here in Finland it’s pretty cold most of the time and heatmat could be useful.
How early do you guys start giving fertilizers to the young plants? I usually start with the grow, alg- a mic and acti vera in the week 2-3 and week later also cal-mag. I use Bio Bizz nutes.
This young I give mostly water but 1-2x / week and 1/3 off the normal quantity, it has been enough.
After I transplant them to their final pots then I up the nutes to the normal regime.
lol this ramble got out the topic :joy:

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