Samo 78 living it's best life

Another run of Samo 78, day 42F - 4x4 Living Soil bed, 8th run. Topped a lot, loads of HST to keep the canopy out of the lights (HLG Scorpion Diablo 650W)


I snagged on of these packs I think I got number 4 hundred something. It being your 8th run what’s a grow smoke report? The way she stretches she’s a sativa right? I’d love to hear any more info on this one.

8th run in this bed of soil, not my 8th run of Samo 78. I do not have a discerning palate so a smoke report from me would be stoner nonsense. Taste good and keeps me motivated!
She’s a sativa stretcher in my three runs so far, father is ETHOS HAZE IBL. I do pretty well getting Sativas to fit in my tent but do a lot of heavy bending. This girl can take the abuse and bounce right back. I will someday grow one of these in my bed, see what she can do in 170 gallons of living soil!


Oh haha, they look great! Glad to hear it tastes and smokes good. I’ll have to give her some serious training when I give it a go. Can’t wait to see the 170g bed run. That’s killer! I grew the amnesia Haze and lemon autos from ethos they did good. I like that haze.

Looks great!

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