Question for the Ethos crew

I’ve decided my next run will be entirely from this most recent Multipass drop. I’ll be running a total of 7 plants. 2 in a 4x2 tent, 4 in a 4x4 space, and 1 in a 3x3 tent. The strains I’ve chosen for my next run are:

The Refresher
Grape Diamonds Rbx5

Of these 3, which has:
The greatest yield
The frostiest/terpiest profiles

Answering this will help me determine how many of each strain to run. Thanks in advance, and thank you Ethos team for all your hard work. I decided the best way to thank you guys is to run your gear and show off the results.


They will all be different, but you should pheno hunt XXXX and Grape Diamonds. Those two sound really nice.