Purple Zkittles x TK f2

I grabbed these (x5) out of my seed library, and started them yesterday. Has anyone done a recent run with this strain?

I have :raising_hand_man:


:joy::joy::joy: That’s a great question actually, how many plants are you running at any given time? In my mind I picture your close friends/growers doing little side hunts for you? I’ve also seen those photos of your commercial hunts, is that taking place all the time?

It’s complicated, to say the least. We hunt here in Colorado in a couple of very small rooms. I give seeds to friends locally that hunt for me. Happy Valley in Massachusetts has done some large hunts in the past. We’ll be hunting there at scale pretty soon.



Anything to be on the lookout for? Or is there a specific pheno you look for when running this strain?

That’s how I pictured it! :facepunch: