Pistils dying week 4

Does anyone know what causes pistils to shrivel up in week 4?

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That looks like classic dudding caused by Hop Latent Viroid. It is not fun. Good luck.

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Thanks. I have another strain that did the same thing and is now week 8. The buds seem like hlv, hardly any trichomes, weak bud structure. That breeder sold me true herms then gave me free replacement seeds that the first hlv plant came from and now appears to have infected my Ethos……I knew I shouldn’t have run their gear a second time after their first pack had 100% true herms.

I lost all my lockdown collection - about 6 cuts - to hlv. Brutal. It’s Cannabis CoVID

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You got to kill everything and clean and use 10% bleach. Alcohol won’t kill it. Because it’s latent they recommend regular testing at various stages of the plants lifecycle. If you have an infected mother it can be saved by tissue culture but that is a complicated and lengthy process

Covid? Then it’s not as bad as they say?

So it will spread to other plants no matter what? No hope? How about plants in other tents in same lung room?

It’s highly contagious and difficult to eradicate for sure. It’s frustrating to get to week 4 on a flawless run and just watch the plant dud

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The first plant that did it, now in week 8, has a sister that developed normally, and buds look fire. There are three of a different strain also week 8, that don’t seem to have it, buds look fire. So 1/5 from the 8 week flower set have it. This is the first of the 4 week flower set of ethos to show hlv, but also the next plant to enter flower after the previous plant showed hlv, so it’s two in a row. The next two plants are in week 2 and 3, no signs yet. I’ll keep a close eye for sure.

Yes, unfortunately I have found that once it enters into the system it’s everywhere. I tried to take clones from an infected space but it came with. It is latent and it gets a foot hold and then gets triggered and expresses itself. An infected plant may show no signs and spread the infection.

It’s not like powdery mildew which in my option is a total nightmare. You can flower everything and I’ve pressed dud bud and you get something. Instead of a 100% beautiful jaw dropping experience, you get a 60% expression.

The great thing about being a multipass member is you have seeds for life and each drop just keeps improving.

Sucks to hit the reset button. It is humbling. It’s the only way to learn though.

Ok I killed off my flower tent except the ones in week 8. Gonna let them finish. The early flowers on the week 3-4 flower plants were going brown even before they were fully formed, so they’re gone. Hope it didn’t jump from flower tent to my veg tent, I have 6 from multipass almost a month old.

I went through the buy clones online phase, got hplv and it was a nightmare. Had to kill and bleach everything and then turned to popping seeds every run and not have to worry about hplvd or whatever it’s shitty name is…

These are all from seed. I don’t have any clones

I see bug bites on the leaves (spidermites?). Also, the bud is covered in hermie bananas (possibly genetic, caused by light leaks, unusual light schedules, or caused by the bug infestation). Pistils always start dying when buds herm this hard because the pistils get pollinated and start to form seeds at the base. Definitely was the right choice to toss this plant to get rid of the bugs it’s hosting and prevent pollen from seeding other plants in the tent. After the rest are harvested, I would definitely make sure to thoroughly treat the whole grow space for bugs before starting any new plants.

It’s pollinated if no one said it already

Well since you decided the worst and culled them, hopefully it wasn’t just wind burnt pistils, because that’s all it was for me one time I had that issue. I just had to dial back the direct contact with wind from my fans, which I did by putting them on timers.

I even have one single bud on my current plant that had a leaf slamming against its pistils from wind, and they all started to die, then I cut that leaf, and now they are normalizing again.

Here’s hoping it WAS serious and necessary…because I can’t imagine chopping down plants that were just going through a little phase.

Just like getting on Web MD and suddenly assuming you must have cancer and a brain tumor after a brief read through of seemingly matching symptoms…make sure you don’t mistake minor symptoms for major ones on a whim…after showing someone a picture of a single bud, and them diagnosing your whole plant off of it…I personally need more info than that picture.

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The dying pistils (not just turning brown/amber, but black and shriveled) were throughout the plant. Previous plant with these symptoms grew out pretty weak stringy buds, just looks sick. I set the ones that haven’t shown dying pistils aside in a quarantine tent to see how they do. So far culled 3, 2 more yet to show, but I’m not holding onto too much hope.

If you haven’t taken in any plant material into your house, HLV seems unlikely as seed transmission may be possible, but not the main way it is transmitted. Are you sure this is not russet or broad mites? Those little bastards love to eat resin and pistils, especially the hemp russets. They say you can only get russets from other cannabis plants, but I got them in the middle of frozen winter and I’ve never taken outside plants/cuttings indoors.

The only real way to know with HLV is to test and then you could that out.

The weird thing is that the first plant was 1 of 5 flipped at same time. Only one plant showed the issue. Then 4 more added to flower tent 4 weeks later and the first 2 showed pistil death, so I got rid of them all. Gonna harvest the 4 survivors in about a week and reset tent with a good cleaning. I have a bunch of seedlings in veg tent that will be ready to flip by then, so I lost out on 5 plants that would most likely be junk flower anyway. Good thing is I have plenty flower on hand and can get good buds cheap from the medical co-op if I run low or get tired of my flavors.
Thanks for the help guys.

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