Pheno hunt multipass

[Genetic] - [Day from seed/flip] - [Date]
Xxxx 3x,punch and pie 5x,the refresher 5x,high note 4x today is day 7 of flower (not flip)
Room/Tent Size: 12m2
Light Type: HID/LED/CMH/etc. 3xLed 450 watt
Media/Substrate: coco/peatmoss/perlite mix
Nutrients: organic worm casting bat guano
Humidity (High/Low/Avg): 55
Temperature (High/Low/Avg):22
pH/EC of Feeds: ro water , and i dont meassur it
pH/EC of Runoff: i dont recomend to have runoff the way i grow
I popped 20 seeds and 17 have made it to the flip lets see together what happens
The 3 that did not make it (2x xxxx and 1x high note )sprouted but where to week so i discarded them
I veged for 2 months and transplanted 3 times in this 2 month veg
I have a pot size of 20L for end pot


Nice selection! Keep your eye on the High Note! She bangs!:fire: :pinched_fingers:

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I have noticed they have nice vigor the tallest is one of the high notes also one is realy stacky on internode spaceing
But i have one refresher she smells so insane already in veg like burnt car wheels but in an nice way her smell reminds me of a gas station

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Sheesh those leaves are so pretty and fat!

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Littel update day 11 , i need to find a better cam for close ups of the buds :see_no_evil: or maybe try right after light turn of but i will be looking intoo getting some closeups of the buds once it becomes interesting