Peach crescendo

Amazing flavor almost indescribable, what a kick to her as well, up there with my all time favorites.


Looks tasty! Always wanted to run this one!


One of my favorites too


How are the effects & terpenes on her?
Btw anybody else thinks that breeders should describe the effects more?
I know these are very very personal but more info is needed. Terps, yield and appearance are these usually but just indica or sativa dominant does not tell anything really.

Fwiw, effects often trend towards medical claims (this helps with stress, pain, anxiety, appetite, etc.) and medical claims are what get cannabis companies in trouble.

Generally, the lack of specific information on certain products is a result of regulations prohibiting it, rather than an intentional decision to overlook or ignore it.


Ok good to know.

Something like couch-lock, happy, energetic… Like the overall spectrum of the effects that are not medical related would be nice tho.

Unfortunately, many payment processors treat the list of any effects as medical claims (accurate or not). I know personally that clients I’ve worked with that had them listed eventually had to remove them to comply.

Always gets tricky when legal gets involved.

Yeah true. This is a good place for those.