[PDF RESOURCE] Cornell University's Cannabis Production Manual 2023

Cornell University: New York State Cannabis sativa L. Production Manual 2023: maximize yield, quality, profitability, and product integrity

Cornell University just published for this 208-page textbook on cannabis production for the state of New York. (and it’s free!)

Haven’t had a chance to really dig in but from skimming it looks like a great resource and wanted to share with the group here. Will be adding to my personal cultivation library.


WOW! Great resource and FREE!!! Just popped into my Apple Books App and will check it out. The colleges and universities in New England all have programs now. I am taking some classes to up my science game and horticulture knowledge. I am doing something with cultivation at UConn and URI has their program in the Pharmacy program and delves deep into testing and the medical side. My hope is that I’ll get a job teaching next year.


Awesome to hear that academia is embracing the newfound legality of our industry. Curious to see how these programs continue to evolve.

And yeah, I was stunned it was free!


I have enjoyed these 3 books. The Medical Cannabis Primer is excellent and a perfect college text book


Dr. Grinspoon’s book just dropped and is supposed to be awesome!

Working my way through a few other recommendations but will add that to the list.

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