Nutrients,What are you using?

I do 2 types of grows or feed programs.To sum em up
1 flower room I use an organic pre mix soil in 5 gallon pots.I use RO water ,enzymes,calmag and Brix as inputs also.
2nd flower room I switched over to flora flex nutrients and drip system at the recommendation of my partner just recently.
We also run light deps using same organic based pre mix.
I personally prefer the terpene profiles I get from Organics as opposed to salts.Maybe just a bias subconscious.
The salts are an attempt to offer a cheaper product but not inferior in this crazy market.Clients will decide which prevails in the long run.
What are you feeding?


I currently run House and Garden coco a&b, some of their additives and ful up. I have been paying attention to New Millinenium, they have been talking about it on here. Wouldn’t mind switching to dry salts in the future.


I have used Canna coco a and b with good success, and I currently have a mind blowing run in coco with grow dots (had a 3 week vacation and had a friend just water) Currently switched to Floraflex as well for my next run. I’m just a medical home grower so I try to stick with something for at least a year to get used to it. Really interested in new mill, but they don’t have it in my area and shipping it is just too expensive for my budget. I use ruby and winter frost and it cost like 30 bucks to ship from colorado to montana


I’m using an amended soil, whatever is available here in Hawaii. Gaia Green dry amendments and the New Millenium Secret Sauce bloom recipe. I was able to get the Sauce ingredients with reasonable shipping to Hawaii via Amazon or EBay, just had to shop around. I’ve given up on finding their base nutrients, can’t find it anywhere near msrp or without huge shipping. If I could find it I’d really like to try the full line, Jerin u listening?


As far as salts go ive had the best smoke with floraflex and its super simple without 8 differnt products. Ive ran a ton of different salts and i stuck with flora. Ive ran Athena, elite, shine(veg/bloom), and house and garden.


Fwiw, the shipping on their products can be tough because it’s liquid.

I sell the P.E.P pack (full line of base and additives) with a $50 shipping charge for that reason. But the pack is $225.

Once the NM crew gets on here, I’m sure they can explain more.

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Im not complaining, just explaining. I’m still a newer home grower who has gotten to that three year point where I’m trying to shave some of the expenses just a bit. My monoply power company has jacked up our rates yet again, and the wife started paying attention lol. I’m sold on New Mill and if I could distribute it in Montana I would. My background is in inventory and supply chains so shipping costs are a necessary evil.

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Hey, some questions for NM
Should I try to keep decision feed for longer if the plant tolerated the feed well?

do you have a full recipe for the NM feed? Inc any bacteria - si/ calmg ?

What are some compatible brands for the additives not offered by NM?

What’s the best place to order from?


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I run Athena pro. I do not pay to ship water any more. If it’s not a granular in a bag I won’t use it. I prefer Athena over pretty much everything as far as salts go. Even if you don’t flush you can’t taste it. It’s the cleanest I’ve found as far as mineral purity. They test a lot and they are always trying to make the nutrients better. I’ve run many salts and I won’t go back.
If I run no till I like to use build a soil craft blend a bail of promix mp, 5 pounds of worm castings 10 lb of rice hulls. And various things to feed microbes.


I’m running organic soil fox farm happy frog in veg then transplanted into its final pot a week before flower into fox farm strawberry fields, I use advanced nutrients organic line throughout, ancient earth and iguana grow in veg, ancient earth, iguana bloom, big bud and bud candy in flower. I never use them at full strength and always a quarter dose max when using iguana grow and and iguana bloom. It sometimes varies on the looks of the plant. I am in soil so there is already a lot of what the plants need in the soil so full dose’s especially in iguana grow and bloom is simply too much. Less is more is the general rule. For the most part the only thing used in full dose is ancient earth and bud candy with no adverse affects.