Lilac Diesel from Banger Multi Pack

I ran Planet of the Grapes, Skunk Super Hero, Apex and Lilac Diesel during lockdown and loved them all but this cut of Lilac Diesel was a standout and a real crowd pleaser especially for the flower smokers. It has become legendary amongst my circle in Providence.

Anyone else have a Lilac Diesel cut they love ?

I still have 3 Memberberry and 3 Big Detroit Energy seeds from that pack and from reading on this forum those two are definitely on my list to pop next.


Was that rosin Lilac Diesel or BDE? Looks great!

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I had a falling out with my extractor at the end of Lockdown but I worked with a well known legend around here in the old medical/ diy / underground scene. - Adam from Something Better Concentrate Company. His deal with medical patients was he runs it and takes 30%. He does pretty much everything and every style depending on the strain. I believe this was fresh frozen Rosin but we did so many projects I can’t remember, I do remember that we talked about what we would do next time and it was decided that BHO diamonds :gem: after a proper cure might do the cut better justice. I found Lilac Diesel to be really greasy and it smoked Amazing. I’m bummed I’m not working with him anymore because I could never learn to the level of his craft. I have enough going on with the plants. Right now I do dry sift and press it in an old EZ Squeeze hydrolic press.


So this jar sat on a shelf in the dark after I got it for about a week and this bubble formed. I showed it to my extractor friend and he said that it was just off gassing a bit. I took my dab tool and broke the shell and a weed fart came out that I can’t explain. The smell was so intense. I love hash.