HPLVD help

So I’ve been currently dealing with HPLVD for the last 3 years, I just got testing done and found out that my mother plant stock is dirty and I got rid of them.However, I have used these plants for the last few years and the flower has been fine. I currently have a few plants ready for flower that are infected with HPLVD. Does anybody here think I should just finish the run (Week 4 veg) or should I trash them?
I have Ethos seeds in veg and could clone those and replace the hplvd plants.

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Throw everything in the trash, bleach everything from untensils, pots, surfaces, room, everything. You cant afford to keep that shit around. Get it gone, keep it gone

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Appreciate the advice. I threw them all out and am bleaching everything. Also, i will be testing future stock periodically.

I like to spray the walls and everything in my grow space down with zerotol after a reset as well

I’ve even gone to the extreme of getting rid of indoor during summer months to reset the space completely.