Happy New Year and how about a bud quality thread 😁

Happy New Year and how about a bud quality thread :grin:?

My resolution is - I’m going to try and use this forum alot this Year! Hopefully @Colingordon will fire up some contests and release some more framed pictures. (See attached, still in my kitchen for all visitors to see) Thanks for the Multipass and wonderful drops Colin and Team and please continue to lead the way in Canna Community! I really hope this year brings some clone swapping in our community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:

Ok how about some tips-
What defoliation do you recommend in the last 30 days of flower? I’ve tried a few heavy cropping runs and am trying to achieve quality vs quantity. (I normally do heavy defo 2 weeks before flip, day 21, and 3 weeks before harvest)

I use a few things besides defo like bat guano, mammoth p, and chito to get my trichomes popping. Let’s hear what you all do to make your plants special.

Does anyone else use chito? Crustacean shells that stimulate defense in plants.


Thx and happy New year!


Happy New Year Everyone from Canada :canada:


I like to defol slowly in late veg and early flower, never too much at one time.

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Thanks for responding, ya know I always try to think about what is the best practice and a lot of the times. I don’t always rely on the best practice because of my health. Sometimes I only get to be in the garden for a few minutes. Sometimes I don’t get to go down at all. So it really depends on my quality of health for the day on exactly what quality of treatment by plants get. Unfortunately. Often I miss times that I should have watered. Maybe by hours or sometimes days. Sometimes I come down to wilted plants and it is all part of gardening I guess.

Speaking of that, I tried a new style of defoliation tonight. I just put on plastic gloves and basically the opposite of what you just said not removing too many leaves at once. I just instead of even using scissors, Edward scissorhands just pulled off a bunch of leaves and every direction all over the entire plant. So we’ll see how that method of defoliation works. It’s 3 weeks left of flower and I’m able to try this on one of my plants because I just don’t have enough time to defoliate everything down there. Excuse some of the typos or errors in my writing. I use a chat program so I don’t have to actually type everything out. I admit this is not the best defoliation method I’ve ever used, but it’s an interesting one and I’ll get to see how the plant responds. Another method that I used on another plant was basically the same thing only with a pair of scissors. So I basically just mowed down each side of every branch just like I was using a pair of hedge trimmers on a bush. Another plant I got to try just randomly just cutting some of the bigger leaves off and the other two plants. I haven’t gotten a chance to defoliate it all. Hopefully I’ll get to get down there today.

As for other things I didn’t mention. I also try to make a compost tea every 2 weeks. Lately, I’ve made it once a month. I use different types of compost and worm casting and something that I do different that I don’t see. Most people who make compost tees is instead of putting it in a bag. I just put it in there. Loose with my charcoal air filters to stir up water and I put a heating pad underneath the container and I let it brew at least four days and I have seen incredible results. I also had the entire compost water to my plants where some people use a bag and their worried about getting any of the compost material into the pots. I’m all organic so I don’t have to worry about compost or any other materials getting in with my dirt as long as it’s organic. I plant seem to love the compost tea a lot. It is really foamy and frothy when it gets done.

I’ll tell you what is a lot easier to post and respond to friends. Now that I have this new phone that dictates and I don’t have to type anything. It works 10 times better than any phone I’ve had. It’s the new pixel 8.

Do you use bat guano or any of the other things or just defoliation?

Anyways, good luck gardening! I hope to hear back from you and or other people.