Grandpa's Stash Auto

My grandpa’s stash Auto, she went fast, like 65 days from sprout to chop. Really good smoke the phenotype I kept tasted of Ginger. Really enjoyed this smoke!! This and the POTG Auto are the only ones I’ve smoke from the first auto multipack.


Looks very nice, how do you keep a cut of an autoflower?

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Oh, I don’t think you can.

You can’t keep clones of autoflowers but you can start two of them and reverse sex one feminized auto flower with colloidal silver spray and make a shitload of seeds when you cross the two together.

That silver spray can be purchased or made at home with 99% silver, distilled water and a little electricity.


Can you still do that to feminized auto seeds?

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You can take any plant or seed that is feminized and reverse it to a male plant with colloidal silver spray.

This female plant that gets sprayed with silver becomes a male plant but only produces pollen capable of producing female seeds.

This is how feminized seeds are made.

This process can be used in autoflowers and photoperiods to create feminized seeds and cross genetics.

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I haven’t tried it but growers down in Connecticut were playing around with tissue culture and autos. Not sure how it worked out but cool idea for sure.

I like running autos with a variety which is based on the breeders efforts. I could care less about flower bag appeal as I’m growing trichromes and making hash

My question to some one running say Mandarin Cookies: Is the best expression of the breeders work and the line one isolated pheno that is either an outlier or like a parent that is cloned and run or is it all the phenos blended together which is easy to with hash. Not sure but some of the best, most unique hash I have made was from blended phenos and seemed like the most accurate expression of the breeders work.

With Autos I like the idea of growing at least 100 seeds and then making hash. 100 seeds is a good sample size. I’ve done 10 which is cool but a 100 is better. Like wine, some years might be better and people will seek out the 2023 Full Pheno Pineapple Runtz fresh frozen or whatever year is a standout.

I clone my photoperiod plants and hope to learn tissue culture but Autos might offer an interesting way to redefine methodology and create new categories and increase the variety and experience of hash.

People do crave uniformity but that is largely a by product of market demands. It doesn’t mean it’s the best way. I love running autos from seed. It seems only right and natural.

I’ll try and document an Ethos auto run where I pick one plant and make hash with it and then make hash with all ten phenos blended and test it and share the data. That would be a fun experiment.


Thanks I appreciate hearing this. I knew it could be done but I wasn’t sure if the fem autos were exempt or sterile. I tried once in tiny pots with no nutes to do this. It didn’t work my bananas didn’t make any pollen. I’ll give it another shot with full size pots and actual nutes.
Now I’m fired up to read that article about environmental conditions for seeds and for flowers.
Thanks for the response and info!

Yep it’s definitely do able. Some people spray their favourite plant or one they want to reverse sex with colloidal silver spray. Let it mature fully outdoors or separate from your grow area. Then smack the plant down on some garbage bags in the garage floor or outside with no wind and then collect all the pollen.

In the future whenever you need seeds you can take the bag of pollen out of the freezer and gently brush it onto a cola in your flower room and just that one cola will produce seeds and the rest will still be consumable flower.

Google colloidal silver spray. It needs to be applied two weeks prior to flipping to flower and still applied until a few weeks into flowering to work properly.


Thanks friend, I’ll look more into it for sure.
I’d really love to get lucky and cross a purple phenotype POTG Auto on itself and get more purple. The purple phenotype I had tasted much sweeter, with a more calming buzz.

Yes sir. That’s how the head honcho @Colingordon does it too I’d assume unless he’s got a fancy genetic tissue plant cloning laboratory.

Colloidal silver spray allows you to breed the same genetics back into itself to isolate or bring out specific features of that strain and/or cross. The more times you reverse a plant into itself the narrower the variation in phenotypes that will be expressed.

Ex. Crossing that purple pheno back into itself increases the likelihood of seeds expressing the same purple pheno characteristics as its parent.
The more times this is done, the more that genetic trait becomes established.


Have you ever heard of sts spray or have any experience with it?

Oh I see what you mean. I only kept one plant to smoke on myself is what I meant by keep. I gave the other plant away and just smoked the one I liked.

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