Freeze Drying 101

This is a section for discussing techniques, routines, models, etc. regarding Freeze Drying.

If you’re new to the subject, or if you’re someone who’s well established, this is the section for you!

What model do you use?
What settings work best for you, and why?
What is your cleaning routine?
How often do you change your oil?
Do you have questions before making the leap?
Do you use yours for flower or bubble hash?
What test have you run, and what did you learn?

Comment below! Someone would love to answer your questions. Someone would love for you to share your knowledge.


Just a note from my personal experience with freeze-drying experiments - the vacuum makes a world of difference!
Overkill on cfm and definitely no oil.
It’s a pretty deep vacuum to maintain for a good result.

I’m curious what peoples steps, torr v shelf temps are running at different stages. Especially for flower which is way more delicate than bubble (my experience).

I’ll try to find the harvest right recipe and post it here, it’s buried in their patent and corporate docs and somewhere on my old phone.

I have done mostly hash - a few bud attempts. I had borrowed a harvest right for a few tests and then went a different direction, a chamber with temp control.


An interesting use case with freeze dryers, would be to take a bud or two from each pheno of your grow, label them, freeze dry them. 24 hours later…smoke one bud, and press the other to find out which plant has the special sauce. If you had already taken clones, you would have a rough idea of which ones to keep and which to toss, and if you hadn’t already taken clones of them, you would know which ones to ‘monster crop’, and just harvest the rest.

Taking the buds could also be done multiple times through the flowering cycle to test changes in the high.