Feminizing technique

Silver blocks copper uptake in plants, resulting in a lack of ethylene production and male flowers on a female plant. But what if instead of spraying silver we just invented a copper-free nutrient program and raised female clones in a copper-free environment? Wouldn’t this work better and avoid using a heavy metal sprays?

I’ll be posting this thought all over the place in hopes someone knows how to create such a fertilizer and tries it.


Never heard of it but definitely cant say it wouldn’t work. Is your concern that the seed will soak metal and transfer into the plant?

Not worried about successful reversed plants, but STS is often not successful I thought there’s got to be a better way. And I don’t feel great spraying silver nitrate around even though I’m sure I got more exposure in the photographic dark room.


This last go I just used some colloidal silver suspended in distilled water. 250ppm

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