Female to male ratio

i really wanna run some of these reg seeds but don’t really wanna waste the space time n nutes on any possible males it’s happened before and really sucked due to a low plant limit have you guys had good luck

It’s all chance. Roughly 50/50 m/f for all seeds the plant made, but the small selection for each package won’t necessarily be 50/50. U could get all male or all female or any combo. Plant limits are like speed limits, made to be broken


Be fearless! Veg them up, take a cutting and put it in a sunny window. The cuts will express their sex.

Also you can order sex (and other) testing kits from Farmer Freeman.

For $10-15 you can test your plant for XY or XX chromosome within a week of it sprouting it’s first few leaves.

Highly recommend these sex testing services to save you time, space, substrate, nutes, light, air, etc.

I originally compared Farmer Freeman and Leaflink and had good results from both. But personally I’ve stuck with Farmer Freeman.