Ethos Snowball

Went on an older ethos seed pop and did 2 beans of snowball. One seed hermied on me and the other is absolutely chunk master end of week 5 1000w hps

shooting for 10 weeks on this one


Please tell me you took a clone otherwise you need to re-fedge that thing man. Everybody wants to cut a snowball!

Did save some cuts ,the size of the flowers are nuts !
The terp profile sits perfectly at the crossroads of kushy and gas I’m excited to see this one finish

I’m sickly with a bad pancreas from a Whipple surgery that didn’t go well but that’s a reason for me to road trip brother. I’ve got a cut I can share of the real wedding cake. What state are you in? I’m in St. Louis, Missouri?

I’m all the way in so cal bro, does the ethos multipass store have snowball seeds in stock? Might be a better option