Ethos Autos vs. SSSC Auto 1g Bubble hash town

I’m so amatuer compared to you guys but I had a fun experiment.
I ran some hash through my 1g bubble bags.
I ran a 1 qt baggy of POTG Auto fresh frozen nug vs. 10 & 60 gram batches of dried SSSC Auto purple OG punch. I did the 10g in my 1gal buckets and the 60g in a 5g washer. i feel the results were similar.
I found my results as such. Data is all wonky of course one was fresh frozen one dried. But I think you will see who the winner is. I think if the qt bag of ethos buds was dry it would have been waaaay less than 60g. and the 60g of dried sssc buds filled the bottom of that shoe box fat. would have been like 2 or 1.5qt bags. Also the quality of the Ethos suff is way higher. larger heads on the trichomes. more melty. I didn’t separate my bags and accounted for all hash collected minus the green green stuff. the SSSC did have really low quality yeild except from 90-120.
POTG auto yielded 6.73 grams of dried hash for a 1 qt bag. not stuffed full like sandwich bag full.
SSSC auto purple OG punch yeilded
10g to .85 grams of hash
60g to 5.47 grams of hash
kinda ghetto but a fun experiment.
POTG hash smokes great. really melty and delicious.
SSSC hash smokes good too, just not as bubbly. Auto purple OG punch does have a wild terpene profile though. the buds for bowls and joints taste amazing. I don’t mean to talk smack on it i just didn’t have a good hash experience with it.
I’ve got all this Pineapple Runtz auto and a bit of strawberry Og cookies auto curing that I will hash up too. Always good to have a little variety in all things.
Thanks Ethos team for all of the delicious strains.


The best part is learning

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live and learn!(for the SSSC) Very Happy with my POTG return.
still fun!

Shoulda’ pulled the plug when I saw the 10gram run results.(SSSC)
I saved some bud(SSSC) to try and do some bottle tech cold press smashes with a coworker. we’ll see if that turns out better. Next time I have some fresh moist fire POTG auto to press I will try that too.

not stressed about the low return though. gonna make some fire edibles from the less than desirable.I do wonder if my ice wash results were more due to my error than strain. like are there nutes or techniques to get that more solid trich head?
It would be fun to cross these 2 strains. I don’t have the space or even time to do it properly. However, I would imagine they’d make some sexy and tasty babies haha. Both of the hash flavors are divine and compliment each other.

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