Electroculture Gardening?

I just Now came across this topic. It’s easy enough! Does anyone have any experience with Electroculture?


Earth Battery I’ve done some research on that.:face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

Copper wire and a stick. Sounds like an easy experiment :thinking::sunglasses:


Interesting enough and cheap enough I’m going to give it a try .Side by side same variety.
Hippies would tell me my plants aren’t grounded and copper wire in soil to a ground would settle that.
So now I have to respect my elders and science .Off I go to scrounge up some gear


Interesting to see and seems to lend credibility to the experiments TSK (Two/The Seed Kompany) was doing with his Electric Lemon G when he won the HT cups.


Ya know I remember myself thinking I needed those seeds about 5 years ago. Being a fan of Ohio’s Lemon G. At the time I thought *what does the Electric lemon g mean?! lol. Truly never thought it was people trying experiments with electric current on cannabis :laughing:

I’m going to try my own experiment with this. Took me a couple of hours finding the right gauge and length I wanted today :laughing: I’m going to try in a fabric 5 gallon pot with soil probably an auto flower

I thought :thinking: I’m going to start a spiral with the copper wire at the bottom of the fabric before dirt. Then going circular around the sides. Then up a 3foot wood pole. All a continuous coil. I’m going to do this with the blue elderberry cut I’m planting outside in May. The Blue Elderberry is said to grow slow…Sounds like fun if anything


I’ll be putting the wire in the bag then up a wood antenna. I will be trying 2 Autos in 3 gallon fabric bags. I have seedlings of Ethos freebie auto started. This experiment is all in my head.