Easy chocolates from rosin

Ive posted a few videos of this on youtube but deen nothing was in edibles so figured i would add here. My preferred method is hash rosin. Because you dont have a ton of oil or butter making your chocolate melty and not room temp/ shelf stable.
Decarb is easy.
Included the decarb and mixing video that won me 1st place last year in edibles. Even though it was dark rosin it won me a new herbal chef and various goodies.

220-250°F for 30-45min play around
Coconut oil
Chocolate chips
Candy chips

Decarb the rosin in sealed jar.
Add the oils and binders
THEN add chocolate.
Never add the cold liquids to the chocolate

Youtube video link 》Chocolates 2


Do you decarb your concentrate right in that jar? That what I think it says but wanted to confirm how you do that.

Yep . Decarb oven or air fryer (sealed)
Then over a pot of water same jar add in my oil/honey
Once consistent
Then mix in chocolate to. melt

Thank you, this has vexed me for a while. I’ll try the jar.

Appreciate it

How much rosin or bubble hash would you reccomend adding to each batch???
(I seen in the video that you added around 2 grams of food grade rosin? But if i use good stuff, do you think it will take about half or the same amount???)
Thank you!:pray::100::100:


*****Please add more canna recipes if you know them, as it is highly appreciated!!!
I like to grow my Ethos, wash the trich heads off, then use it for rosin or cooking… :grin::grin::grin:
So all recipes would be appreciated!!!:100::100::100:

Depends what you want even the good stuff will be estimated around 7 maybe 800mg a g after a decarb and bind. Decarb loss and youre not going to bind everything no matter what combo of oils and emulsifiers you use

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Local guy one day in the grow store buying my seeds gave me the ultimate Gummi recipe if youblike peach rings.

Literally just melt the peach rings! No melty and turning to goop the next day.
Use the same hash rosin decarb method and coconut oil. (I still add a squeeze of honey) you can use lecithin also.

Melt the rings. Add the oil … mix consistently and pour in a square pan or on parchment. Cut in cubes.
Using a measured area where you can easily devide some 1"x1" … .5x.5 whatever you like will help calculate youre dosage .


How shelf stable are these when done? Like keep them in the fridge until you eat them or are they truly shelf stable?


Ive used this same method. Works great. I rolled mine in sugar when they were solid just to prevent any sticking later. Made 35mg pieces.

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