Does this look seeded to you?

Plant is Mac & Jack, 3 weeks into flower and when I was pruning I noticed the flower sites look a little off compared to whats in memory. In addition to the white pistols there are yellow spots as well. Are these herm seeds?


Kind of looking that way I’m sure there is more knowledgeable people out there. They can tell you.

More pictures

I don’t think so. It reminds me of a flower top of one of the runts crosses I grew. I thought they were male flowers, but they were just female flowers missing the stigmas. Eventually the bud grew normally.

The other reason I think not seeded is that I don’t see any brown stigmas (hairs). That’s usually the first thing that alerts me that there’s a rooster in the hen house.

Keep sharing photos of this, we’re curious how it turns out.

Unfortunately I chopped it already. Didnt want the risk. However there is another suspect that now you mention brown stigma. I think it has a couple.

Will reply with pictures tonight of suspect number 2.
Can wind cause the brown stigma? I believe its the one that is right up against my tower fan.

Suspect 2 - Browned Stigmas on 2 buds total

I don’t know about wind, I don’t think so unless the plant was thrashing against itself. The things I know for sure can turn pistils brown are drought, nutrient burn (sometimes caused by extended overwatering or underwatering), touching them, sometimes sprays like Dr. Zymes, and pollination of course.

and when I think a swollen bract has a seed in it I use a sewing needle to poke it. You can either spear them out or if they are getting somewhat mature you can feel the seed coat and be sure it is a real seed