Diesel hunt

2x [High Note R1] fem - Ethos- [Day 3 after planting] - [23.6]
3x [Tar Pit] regular - Emerald mountain legacy [Day 10 after planting ]- [23.6]
3x [Double Dose Diesel] regular - Katsu [Day 10 after planting] - [23.6]

Room/Tent Size:60x60x140 cm
Light Type:LED
Media/Substrate:Coco/Soil/worm castings
Bio Bizz plus microbes

Tar Pit and Double Dose Diesel were planted first with 2 other seeds that did not pop. So I decided to germinate 2x High Note R1. @Colingordon @Cannabenoid What can I expect from High Note?

This is double dose diesel:

Can’t wait for this.

And Tar Pit is Chem 91 x Royal Kush. This has been really nice. These are last 3 of my 10 seeds.
Skunky, diesel, floral, minty, metallic

Started to look some nice Diesel terps from Tar Pit and DDD. I think the High Notes might fit in for this hunt.
I’m going to add some pics later.


Here is some pics from yesterday and today morning. (Finland morning :slight_smile: )
DDD and Tar Pit were planted on 15th and popped day after so they are now week or so old.

Those are from the day 3 after planting (yesterday 23.6.) and day 1 in the surface, for High Note. Tar Pit and DDD are 7-8 days after breaking to the surface.

Here are some pics from this morning.


Growing very nicely. High Notes are totally different looking ones early. Other grows little slower and has fat leafs when the other one is aggressive grower and more slim leafs.
I like that I get two different phenos. If looking for uniform plants this maybe is not for you.

DoubleDoseDiesel and Tar Pit also doing good. Both have one plant that is little bit larger that others, maybe males? Too early to tell in the start of week 3 for them I think.
One male from both of these would be good. I can flower max 7 plants but I prefer 5-6 in 16L bags. Or 4-5 in 22L (Sorry for those liter units, I’m Finnish and our mathematics were not drunk and shooting dise when making measurements units :grin:)

How do you guys like to grow, more plants and not so big ones or bigger in the bigger pots?
For myself, these hunts for clones I like with more plants obviously. But when growing proven cuts, bigger pots and longer veg is nice. It seems to produce more for me.

No pics right now, tomorrow maybe. I just broke my phone. :melting_face:


@Cannabenoid @Colingordon
What kind off stretch should I expect from High Note R1? And overall what kinda flowering time and shape of the plant is? And what about terpenes?

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