Cutting clones during flowering period

Couple years ago I started growing from seed and really liked following the seed grow with a round of clones. Cutting the clones after flipping to 12-12 was two fold as it allowed me to id the males and make cuttings from the females I liked. Plus its been super cool to watch the little flower sites explode into branches. The extra time it takes for them to reveg and really get growing again has also worked into my favor as it allows for the current flowering plants to finish in the same space the clones will go when ready to flip.

Should I be doing this method differently?


Sounds good to me. I often have too many veg plants ready for the flower room, so it’s nice to have some genetics stashed in a slow-growing way. Less risky than just growing seed and relying on reveg after harvest.


Nice for the last 2 cycles i have monster cropped the ladies that caught my eye

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