Crescendo x Krux multipass run

I only ran one seed of this and it has been such an easy grow and is easily one of the most beautiful plants that I have ever grown. Grown in Canna coco with growdots and recharge in a 5 gallon pot. Currently day 64 with just a few more to go


Looking good. What does it smell like ?


I’m not getting much off of it unlike the mandarins cookie haze and blueberry cookie cross that is growing. I get some spice and like a sweet licorice/anise/musty smell.

Looks like you got a good pheno. I am currently on the last week of my run. I went for the whole pack. Ended up with 2 out of 5 that hermed but 2 look like yours and are just getting fatter. The ones that Hermed had a different bud structure and a lighter green.

2and 5 hermed


I’m on day 74 and it keeps getting bigger but the trichs are still not cloudy. I ran most of this under a lower wattage light, so that may be the reason, but I’m chopping it tomorrow. It will be interesting to hear about the differences from you.