Couple bugs in soil

I saw a couple bugs on my soil. Tiny, very hard to see. Did not seem to be interested in my plants at all. Plants arnt showing any bug signs on the leafs or stems.

Could these be benificial bugs in the soil? I use Fox farms light warrior for starter and happy frog after that. Niether should have bugs from the start. They only add worm casings from what i understand.

Im going to try and take photos later tonight. They are translucent and I only saw a couple.

My online research turned up they may possibly be “hypoaspis miles” and that is apparently a good bug. Still not sure how it would get there and it makes me uneasy about my girls.


I always get fungus gnats and small bugs like I describe from Fox Farm soil and also when I add worm castings to coco. I wouldn’t be worried.

Thank you for the reply.

I have experienced fungus gnats before and battled with neem oil years ago. So i think these are different. No wing stage from what i can tell.

Did you stop with Fox farm because of this or continue on for future runs?

Once i figured out which soils and feeds i like. Im really reluctant to change what works. For fear i will break it.

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I’m using plain coco now.
I didn’t mean u had fungus gnats, mentioned them to say that fox farm soils do have bugs sometimes.

Thanks again for the reply. I feel a little better about them. I will try to get a picture if anyone is curious to see them.

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Sure, I’d like to see. I have fungus mites (AKA ham mites!) in my indoor soil. I got them identified by Matthew Gates and they may cause a little bit of damage if I keep overwatering and their population explodes. Not enough to worry about, and they are distinctive in how fast they move. Much faster than spider mites. Like they can crawl up my finger to wrist in about 3 seconds.

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If its root aphids, you are fucked

It is harder to get a picture than I thought it would be. Also not really seeing them anymore. Going to look again tonight though.

They could be springtails or the hypoasis miles. Either way leave them in there. Please i’d like to see a picture/video if still available. My beneficial bugs are destroying gnat larvae and breaking down organic matter to feed other beneficial life that you can’t see. I’ve never had so many, so wicked to have a army on your team :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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