“Cookies” a bit of clarification please

I am trying to wrap my head around “cookies”. Is this a type of morphology, flavor, branding technique, or something completely out of my vision. Currently growing Mandarin Cookies v3, in the past I have run Punchbrrry, Booberry, and Gpa.

I am running a second attempt at all the previous strains of cookies. Curious about what is to come.

Thank you for any and all insight.

Photo is of Booberry Cookies week 4 of Flower. Grown with Flora Flex under a 680 growers choice.


I would hope this is a joke? Cookies refers to the strain, GSC. It spawned a whole ton of crosses.

Cookies anything in ethos is referring to that cross.

It is actually listed on the strain information. Most cookies strains are 10 week strains but some outliers are there.

Just google cookies strain and you will get a ton of hits.