Cherry Garcia [Cherry Garseeya Bx1]

Day 35 close up.


Very frosty :cold_face::yum: I can almost smell it.

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Ethos brings the frost!


Any chance that these are the Bx1 regs that we got last year? :yum:

Yes, that’s what it is.

I wish Ethos would make a spreadsheet for each release and publish the file. Then we could copy/paste into our own lists up to date. Too many seeds to track: what a wonderful problem to have.


how did she finish up i just germinated this now

Cherry Garcia was nice from fem seeds also.
Just grew one. Maybe I should try this one again next run.

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Super resinous, not a lot of flavor.

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Oh damn. Is the high good?
I grew that fem version of Cherry Garcia and it was very nice cherry and light gas/sour
Effect wise it was more on the “indica” side of things. Nice yield and easy to grow.

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I know this is super long delay in response, but since the thread lives forever I thought I’d say:

Not much flavor, but the high was mellow and strong and the resin was so insane that I’m trying another seed to see what else is in this varietal. So many Ethos resin bombs to choose from…