Cherry Garcia [Cherry Garseeya Bx1]

Day 35 close up.


Very frosty :cold_face::yum: I can almost smell it.

Ethos brings the frost!


Any chance that these are the Bx1 regs that we got last year? :yum:

Yes, that’s what it is.

I wish Ethos would make a spreadsheet for each release and publish the file. Then we could copy/paste into our own lists up to date. Too many seeds to track: what a wonderful problem to have.


how did she finish up i just germinated this now

Cherry Garcia was nice from fem seeds also.
Just grew one. Maybe I should try this one again next run.

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Super resinous, not a lot of flavor.

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Oh damn. Is the high good?
I grew that fem version of Cherry Garcia and it was very nice cherry and light gas/sour
Effect wise it was more on the “indica” side of things. Nice yield and easy to grow.