Best plant configuration for a new 5x5

Setting up a new 5x5. Probably run some type of automated drip system into coco.

Do you think it would be more efficient to run four plants in 5gal-7gal fabric pots or nine 3gal pots?


I just got done with the 9 plant 3 gallon configuration. Only vegged a couple of weeks so everything was very manageable. It’s nice to get variety but I might do less plants and bigger next round.

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How big of a res do you think I’d need to push for nine 3s? I have a 20gal collapsible res already

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I couldn’t say. I was running soil. I kept a 5 gallon bucket next to the tent and watered every three days. In the beginning it would be enough. But slowly it took 1.5 buckets - 2 throughout the grow. Hope that helps a bit.

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All in a 5x5, I’ve ran two and four 5 gallons, I’ve ran four, six and eight 3 gallons. I definitely prefer the 3 gallon pots. Was easier to maintain a steady and consistent watering to the plants, for me anyways lol. Also greatly depends on the structure of the plants. If it’s a really bushy plant, I’d run four 3s or two 5s. If it’s a tall stretcher then you would be safer running more

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I’m def leaning toward the 9 3s. I feel like it will be easy to get my run off and dry backs more consistent. I usually prune pretty heavily to remove under productive lowers and such.

Top once, and lollypop the heck out of them.

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I just lined up 9 of my creations to get wet this next week.

Runts S1 x Og

GMO Cookies x Og

Sour Hash Plant x Og

Tourist Zaps x Og

Lilac Diesel F4 x Og

Pine Tar Kush x Og

Sour Diesel x Og

Tropicana Cookies x Zweet Og x Og

Grandpas Cookies x Og

The Og was from the 2023 spring multipass drop. I revered it as it was very high yielded in rosin and the Terps were very high in Terpinolene.


The original GMO Cookies ( GMO X Mandarin) and it was hard to reverse!! is my best Ethos strain so far Its bloody AMAZING

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It was one of the bigger producers this last round. And all bud meat no larf at all.

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I’m still a ways off from launching and I haven’t really considered what I want to run. I’m about to relocate for a new job (putting beer in cans), so I haven’t bothered to order the new tent kit yet.

Thinking i’ll order the 5x5 pro tent kit from AC Infinity after I move in because it’s easy to order and it’s fairly decent gear. I have an LED Bloombox from BC Northern Lights (RIP) I can pretty much fire up on day 1 and start seeds.

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