Best Ethos Strains for solventless extraction

Place to share your best results with Ethos strains to make solventless extraction.
Return numbers on yield from fresh frozen or dry flowers to hash and then to Rosin are always a good way to share valuable data. Pictures are always a plus!


Tribute Bx was a good one for return % for me, kinda similar to gmo in some ways.


To date, the best runs I’ve had were Zweet OG, 10th Plant x Grandpa’s Stash, and Banana Hammock (Auto).

Here’s some fun data (a couple non-ethos genetics in the mix, but mostly all ethos)
Screen Shot 2023-04-13 at 6.48.46 AM


I only do Flower rosin here are my results :

GMO from pass : 19% yield good smoke but no scent very low key
GrandpaCookie RBx from pass : 20-21% sandalwood and mandarin terps, gets you stoned.
XXX : 24-26% perfect for the day ! like a boost
PurpleZkitlez Bx : 19% gets you high , really high !
Zkitlez Bx1 : 17% tasty !
Crescendo : 22% amazing effect coming crescendo !
Apex : yields unknown as i cant get the rosin off the paper its liquid as F ! and she’s picky when growin so i will discard her from my grow.

I’ll try to post some pics after :slight_smile:



great way to present it, thanks for the info!


My Runtz S1 is all that I’ve ever pressed, and it was around 25% yield off of pressed flower…it was beautiful rosin…top notch. I actually can’t wait to pop some more Runtz seeds in the future to see if I can get another magic pheno. Really should have kept those genetics…just let them all die instead…depression is a hoe.


I’ve been pressing Flower Rosin for over 6 years. Nug Smasher mini shown in photo. I use no bag. I started on a Cosmetic Flat Iron. I leave herb in jar with boveda 62% r/h bags for a week. Then I take an old empty pill bottle add drops of water then shake out water. Keep pill bottle warm for 20 minutes. Take herb smash into a ball. 1-2-3 grams flower worth put into press with parchment paper that’s folded in half. I put herb close to the the folded area of parchment paper but not too close! press at setting 210 F. Pressure on and off manually for 5 minutes or less. The less grams of flowers I press usually puts out more return. I love this press :heart: Life Time Warranty :heart: life time dabs :sparkles:


Confused on the pill bottle and water part…what purpose does that segment serve?

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Extra moisture to ensure the flower is easy to press… it’s a step we take every time. Trial and error for years led us to figure out if the bud is warm and moist it presses more. There is a fine line… .as too much moisture results in no oil.

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I see. Is there any reason why you don’t just hydrate them with Boveda 72 RH packs instead? From what I’ve learned through NugSmasher, a buds moisture content that results in 72 RH is the maximum usable for pressing, and that’s what the 160 micron bags are designed for. The 72 RH packs aren’t marketed for weed, but they work exactly the same as the ones that are.


I for sure take my time pressing the buds to let them heat up. I just take about 2 minutes applying pressure slowly, then I leave it about a 2 centimeter thick puck for about 30 seconds, just to let it get to temp. Then I crank it the rest of the way slowly, until I hear a sizzle…once I hear that, i put it at the set pressure to start the timer, and then crank it from the set point to 100psi higher by the time the smash is finished. I’m a newb, but that’s my strategy. I’ve gotten stellar results so far. Definitely much to learn nonetheless…


I have the 72 rh boveda packs also. I guess we have the best luck with added moisture. The pill bottle. Not saying what we are doing is right. Doing presses daily made us believe we need the pill bottle for Xtra moisture. When I started using the NugSmasher I used micron bags. Then realized we don’t get any particulate in oil with out bags. We thought then why buy micron bags, just an added expense.

Oh ok, just checking. I’m down to try whatever will get me the best results!

Absolutely, my next test is going to be pressing 3 1 gram nugs without bags at a time on my NS Touch, and if that works…I’m done with bags…for personal use at least…being able to press 28g at a time would significantly cut down on time and amount of times my arms will have to press a crop…it’s a tough one. It should work though. Bags are way to expensive and they only sell them in small amounts, so yeah…they gotta be cut out where possible.


Good luck :four_leaf_clover: :crossed_fingers: I know our methods aren’t normal.

7 grams rosin out of 1 ounce flower that’s the norm. Mostly 2 grams of flower pressed at a time. We only press for ourselves so NS mini is perfect. I’m back to smoking flower only. My wife makes her own rosin and presses every other day.