Banana Split Auto - Day 39 from Seed

Banana Split Auto - Day 39

Indoor/Outdoor: indoor
Room/Tent Size: 2x2x4 tent
Light Type: 100w LED
Media/Substrate: Roots 707
Nutrients: GrowDots + TerraGrow
Humidity: 45%
Temperature: 77°F

First time topping an auto and she seems to have responded well.


Looks great!

When did you top her, at how many internodes?

Banana split auto, who’s that one by?

Topped her on 7/17….

Here’s a pic:

As for the genetics, Banana Split is an Ethos cross.


Looks great!
I had an accidental topping of one of my autos and it’s turned out quite nice. Yield seems higher than lst ones beside it. I’d never never topped an auto before.

haha just found this draft. haha sorry for the delay.

Turns out with my White Widows the topped one did yield more.

How’d this one turn out for you?

Great! She’s drying currently. But responded well to topping.


Hell yeah! Some big ol nugs on that one!! Killer!

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Do you wet or dry trim in a situation like that?

Mixed approach sorta; removed any necrotic leaves that easily pulled loose during chop. Then will remove anything else after dry before cure.