Banana Split #2 - Day 71 from Seed

Lots of experimentation in this run for a variety of reasons (testing plants, testing new nutrients, testing new genetics, testing lack of environmental controls, etc.).

With that said, here’s the lowdown of what I’m working with:

Banana Split Autoflower - Feminized/Auto
Grow Dots by Realgrowers
4x4x7 Gorillagrowtent
LED: 550 rspec V2 - Horticulture Lighting Group
7-Gallon Smart Pots


Cherry Gar See Ya
Baseball nugs

White Wedding Rbx

Blue Sunset

Black Fire Rose


Well grown :ok_hand:


Beautiful grow! I’m looking forward to the Banana Auto in the drop. Did you run in soil or coco?


Thank you!

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I run a mix:

Bottom 2” or so (in a 5 gallon smartpot) is hydroton clay pebbles. Used to use perlite/vermiculite but during the pandemic and supply shortages I switched over and have enjoyed the drainage they provide, so stuck with them.

Middle is a soil/perlite mix (Roots 707 sometimes with added perlite).

Top 2-3” is shredded coco.


@Cannabenoid Hey fam how did this Banana Split run turn out for you? I am growing one of these right now in my 4x4x6 AC tent. She’s flowering now.

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She came out great! And have been enjoying her even more after cure. Tropical notes and sticky, resinous buds. It’s the genetic we are running in my group for first time growers as well.

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I am so excited to get mine over the finish line. She has a smell that I can’t describe but absolutely love! Between Banana Hammock and Banana Daddy, which one do you prefer on the photoperiod side?

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Funny you should ask!

The Banana Daddy R1 was actually the first pack of seeds I bought. Had been gifted others but actually spent my money and bought a pack of those because I was looking for a GDP and it was suggested I try the “new and improved banana version”.

The Banana Hammock auto was the first auto I grew and first whole plant I froze and washed.

I’ve never grown the Banana Hammock as a photo, only the Banana Daddy. But I will say the tropical hash notes from the 90u and 120u BH still being back fond memories.

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Nice!! I’m assuming with the washed and frozen, you made bubble hash? If so, how’d it turn out? Oh what was your yield with the Banana Split? Was she a big producer?

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Shit, got high and distracted in ChatGPT and forgot to respond.

Ben Owens 🌱✍️ on Instagram: "🍌 Banana Hammock Live Rosin 🍌 • 120u 1st Wash/1st Press • Happy Monday! • #lessonsfromthegrow #igrewthat #iwashedthat #Isquishedthat #lessonsinextraction #hashrosin #autoflower #bananahammock #ethosgenetics🧬#smellslikethetropics🏝" That’s the rosin.

Came out great.