Anyone growing with hydroponics?

Its a game changer LOVE IT!!! I have the Active Aqua Grow Flow 12 Site Ebb & Flow Hydroponic System with 5 Gallon Growth Modules W/ 55-gallon water reservoir. Also have 8 DWC 5 gal containers with air stones in each bucket. Started all my Ethos auto flower beans from last 2 drops Banana Auto RF7, NYCD Auto & Pluto Cookies Auto 1 month in. Also, photos The Refresher & CresO HBI6 X Grape Diamonds Rbx4…


Yes, I’ve used the 5 and 2 gallon system. The 5 gave me problems with roots growing into thr drain pipe (week 3 flower) and that was a major problem. I feel if it drained from the side, it would work better ie the 2 gallon system. The 2 gallon system worked much better for me.


Sounds like some screen over the drain may have prevented that. Have you tried the DWC technic its basically the non-recirculating hydroponic Kratky method its simple and works amazing! No dirt I love it will post pics soon.