18/6 light cycle last week of flower? Plus three very different Refresher Phenos

Does anybody do this alternate light cycle or any variation of? Just curious of users experience. I have two Refresher starting the final week, just got final winter frost and put back in veg tent for final week of water only. Gotta go to know I guess…these are both refresher by the way. Very different phenos. The third pheno (bottom photo) is still in 12/12 tent because it’s a couple weeks behind in development, and also very different. 3 phenos u wouldn’t believe were sisters.


If you guys are on Instagram there is a really good account: @sharkmousefarms.
It has very useful, scientific based knowledge of growing, harvesting and curing your buds.
Check him out!

Looks nice. :pinched_fingers: :pinched_fingers:


I sometimes go back to 18/6 when either the room is too cold (dead of winter) or when I have some plants I want to reveg. Some plants will start to show reveg about 12 days, but I don’t see this as a problem since you can just cut out the weird veggie parts. Most plants take longer to start, and maybe it helps the flowers bulk up with the extra light.

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