Runtz S1 buds

Yes please find the recipe, I assume you’re talking cryo cure?


I’ve really only been playing with bubble - even when I’ve missed the mark with trial and error trying to recreate the HR steps… there hasn’t been much consequence to the hash I just squish it. :man_shrugging:t2:


There’s a whole lot of yada yada yada there, if you like reading.

I’ve got to run for a bit I’ll try to find the rest later tonight (it might be in that doc)

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Nice! This is my dream setup. Harvest Right/Cannatrol combo :heart_hands:

That’s pretty spot on for bubble, I bought a pharma machine so the 8 shelves is handy for that, had to get a home shelf for flower

A couple shots to show my results

The ones in my hand are a couple buds from two different strains, ready to smoke.

The bags in the box are storage. Very discreet if that’s a concern for you.

The ones on the shelf are bags I opened and put there to take pic then put into rehydrate


Also have a cannatrol, I got that post freeze dry/sublimation rabbit hole but never thought to rehydrate in it. I’ve just been using it for the buds.

What settings are you using for rehydration , or on general if you use the Cannatrol to dry in.
I’m 50/50 on it but continue to use it …

For the cannatrol since I want to rehydrate it, I start with high setting and reduce over the cycle

If you want to end with 11-12% internal moisture settings like

Temp/Dew point

For dry 63/55
Cure 67/55
Hold 67.5/53.7

If you want finished bud closer to 9-10%

Dry 67.3/53.7
Cure 67/51.7
Hold 63.7/47.7

I’m currently using the latter recipe, it will drain your moisture cup a few times during the first week. I hold them in here as storage at the hold until I need to move them into rotation, I have a second unit that we draw from for use. (Think one for preparation and one for daily use) left on hold at all times which with the latter recipe I use 64.2/45.4.


Any reason for increasing the temp on the cure stage? Mine i set on 60.7 and 46.8 and have been putting whatever I can’t smoke in groves. The rest goes into jars for a good cure and probably sit for months till I have time for it.

I figured if I wanted to vac dry weed I didn’t need to freeze it… I think the harvest right is freeze…dry not really freeze-drying. Like -20* isn’t the matching cooling to -20…


@Tater I understand that I worded that in a newbie way, as I am one lol. However, what I said still makes sense in its own stupid way…in that I’m just saying that when I jar it up after pulling it, I’d like the hygrometer in my jar to read 72%RH 24-48 hrs later. The moisture they output into their environment of course correlates to the moisture content of the buds, but I don’t personally have a way to test that currently. I do have hygrometers though, so that’s the language I have available to work with lol.

I had honestly never heard of a Cannatrol, which is good because I probably would have blown more money than I needed to on it as well lol…and yeah, someone who has to worry about electricity probably shouldn’t be buying a freeze dryer, but I did lol…and now I’ve got to make the most out of it, and all the rest of this stuff. I will look into getting a Cannatrol after a few more grows, but I’m not someone who has his life together yet. That’s what I’m trying to get all this to help me accomplish.

For now I will personally have to stick with my Boveda packs, as they are a good economical alternative. As long as you keep the jar of buds containing the Boveda pack at a low enough temperature, that terpene osmosis isn’t really an issue that I’ve personally noticed…but I live in a state where it’s illegal and there are no high quality buds anywhere near my quality to compare it too lol.

Thanks for the info


Your candor is refreshing!!!

I think what you have is workable, consider this for fun.

Look at my pics on how I store if you’re curious, mind you I produce volumes of flower so long term storage is needed. We also have high need at times, I was very active as a caregiver when I developed this so I had a good excuse. What really drove me was I had some blue dream (5 units) on nets that molded, I was so mad I swore it would never happen again, years later here we are.

Ok, now about you and how we modify from me to you, cannatrol to jars. First, you need to determine what final internal moisture level you need. You’re absolutely correct, the hygrometer is or should be proportional to internal moisture level.

As a test, take some flower that’s freeze dried.

  1. Place in jar (it’s wicked dry at this point, im sure you know.
  2. Place boveda pack 72-75% RH in jar, seal and place at back of fridge for 3-4 days (mine is 4)
  3. Replace boveda with one in the 62% range, back of fridge 3-4 days
  4. Replace again 55%, back to fridge 3-4 days

Leave 55% in jar and use flower as desired, using the fridge keeps temps controlled and down so less terpene loss, could try any cool dark place, might do better, play with it, amber jars are best. If this works for you long term, get a big cannavault, I used them for years before I went this path, they aren’t bad. If you want your bud drier at the end, maybe do 62/55/49% packs. I’m sure you see the thought process.

Best of luck, promise you’re on a good path and as for life challenges, stay the course, one day you’ll get where you want :v:


As of now I placed the fresh flower in and it’s cooked to -20 and has stayed there at this point for over 8 hours, I expect in the morning when I check it will be vacuum freezing, which is continuing cooling at the super low temp, eventually it moves to dry step

Thank you for the help with this, I’ll look at it, more to learn :+1::v:

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@Tater You are very much appreciated, sir! I will put you’re info to good use. Much respect! :pray::saluting_face:

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On the real though guys and gals, we need to make a separate thread. Otherwise all this useful information is eventually going to be lost within this post of my buds, especially once more and more post pile on to this section. Let’s make Freeze Drying and Rehydration threads. Tater seems like a good candidate to author those sections.

Glad to see everyone staying engaged!



Create one and kick it off!


@Cannabenoid I started 3 -

Freeze Drying 101
Rehydration 101
Training Techniques 101

Next topics we need -

Hydroponics 101
Nutrients 101
Lighting 101
Living Soil 101
Indoor vs Outdoor
New Industry Technologies
General Chat (could be fun…could be toxic…)


Maybe add a bottom feed thread autopot and Octopot would go there

I used to do Hempy buckets (well still do in the greenhouse) that could go there as well

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Nice work. That plant looks really healthy and lush